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Neuropsychological Testing

Diagnostic Assessments For Behavioral and Cognitive Disorders


We work with dementia patients and are proficient in evaluating individuals with a history of traumatic brain injury, stroke, and cognitive impairment and pseudodementia.

Speed & Responsiveness

We strive to promptly present the results of our assessment in a detailed diagnostic report.

Issues That Can Be Addresses With Neuropsychological Testing:

  • Differential diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, vascular dementia, or other types of neurodegenerative disorders

  • Clarification of whether altered mental functioning is due to psychiatric conditions, polypharmacy, or neurodegenerative diseases

  • Multiple system atrophy

  • Progressive supranuclear palsy

  • Determination of competency to make medical and financial decisions

  • Determination of ability to live independently

  • Determination of ability to drive safely

  • Decisions regarding assisted living vs memory care

  • Guardianship

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